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A    little    bit    about    Chavo:

Pepe May You Rest in Peace.{more on this on My Pepe Page.}

REAL NAME: Chavito Salvador Guerrero 3rd                         BIRTH PLACE: El Paso Texas, USA (Lived in LA) 
AGE: 27 Yrs. 
WEIGHT: 190-205 lb's 
HEIGHT: 5'10" 
PRO DEBUT: 1994 
WCW DEBUT: June of 1996 faced Pat Tanaka 

This is Me and Chavo in the parking lot in Orlando at the WCW WorldWide tapings in June of 1998.

Chavo please don't join the LwO..."Loosers World Order" more like it...LwO isn't for Chavo or Pepe go ahead make a Pepe World Order.If anything the fans will love it..and you don't need Eddy and the other jobbers from LwO..they are not your crowd.Pepe Rules.....go on Chavo and win a deserve it...and Pepe needs a little Belt to match....

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May he Rest in PEACE!

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