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Pepe World Order

Thanks to Chavo for Pepe........

This Page is for all of you Pepe Fans...Chavo has made this cute childs play horse, something we all look forward to seeing everytime Chavo comes out. Pepe has walked into our little hearts and now It is hard to watch Chavo walk down the isle without Pepe.....Thanks to Chavo for bringing out the kid in all of us..

Click here to see my Chavo Jr. Autograph i got in florida.:

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Pepe: Yes you might think that he is just a toy, a hobby horse for children BUT, he isn't just a toy, he is PEPE!! Chavo Jr has made this horse into a big image thing for himself. Pepe 1st appeared on June 29th 1998 in florida.He is now a big part of Chavo Jr's image.He plays the part of the faithful partner of Chavo's and he is beat and stomped and everything else Poor horse he takes alot from other wrestlers,but he gets repaired and is back for the next show. I love this horse,and I had to go buy myself a Pepe of my own!

I have horriable news on Pepe.He has been killed....... murdered...NORMAN SMILEY has killed PEPE...After Chavo and the rest of us was singing Happy Birthday to Pepe, Norman Smiley come out to act as if he was going to say Sorry to Chavo and Pepe but it was all CRAP! he attacked Chavo then ran off with Pepe took him out side and there happened to be a wood shredder out back and he tossed Pepe in to it when Chavo come out back Pepe was comming through the other end in dust. Can you beieve this. This is terriable. What will Chavo do now? Norman Smiley you are going to pay for this, and pay big! our deepest symphty goes out to Chavo and Pepe's family.

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